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Water Supply to Baleri Village & Primary School

Thousands of people in AK do not have access to clean drinking water, Al-Madad Trust is a non-profit, non government organization trying to help a small percentage of these people around badral, Baleri, and surrounding areas located in Kotli district. In these poor and developing areas, water quality is the leading cause of health problems. Serious illnesses transmitted via polluted drinking water include:

  1. Cholera - an extremely infectious and fatal intestinal disease
  2. Typhoid fever - caused by the production of toxins by salmonella bacteria
  3. Hepatitis A - an infection of the liver resulting in jaundice
  4. Dysentery - an acute intestinal disease often resulting in death, particularly of children.

In most cases, the task of collecting water falls to women. In rural areas women often walk for miles down uneven path to the nearest water wells to collect water for the family, sometimes they end up making couple of trips a day.

Al-Madad Trust has taken initiative to ease the suffering of these people, by using common technologies available, e.g. Hand dug wells, tubewells, or boreholes that reach ground water resource. In some mountainous area, we have used pipes to bring water downhill to storage tanks and tap stands. This is how we provided water to Baleri school and adjacent village.


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