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Providing food, medical aid, blankets and tents to the victims of the Earthquake in Azad Kashmir occuring on September 25th 2019.


We would first of all like to thank you all for your continuous support and generosity. Each year together we make various projects a success due to your funds and AMT’s forefront work.

We have accomplished our first phases of this years Ramadan project. That has been an incredible success. We are now on our last phase and would like you to donate your Zakat, Fitrana, Saqah and Lillah.

We have two services which we would like to provide for the people of Sindh Tharparkar and Azad Kashmir.

We have a food package which for £150 feeds 100-150 people per day.

We also have a Eid Gift package for orphans which for £10 you get to gift a complete outfit with shoes/sandals.



Started the housing scheme in Kai



We at Al-Madad Trust have a kidney failure patient. Her name is Saima age 26 years old. Saima is advised for a kidney transplant straightway by the Drs. Her family is unable to bear the expenses 275,000 rupees (£1650) however her husband is willing to donate his kidney. We have all the relevant files and Dr reports with us. If you would like to go through them please contact me and i will forward those to you. We appeal to you to help this young lady who is in desperate need of a kidney transplant.


The Al-Madad Trust has launched there new 5 Ambulances in Azad Kashmir areas, now covering 6 districts; Mirpur, Baag, Rawalakot, Charoi, Khoretta and Naar.


The Ambulance service for Notts has donated one of its vehicles to a charity who will use it to help the people of Pakistan. The double crewed ambulance will be sent 6,000 miles to Kashmir, Pakistan, and will provide a service to transport the public to and from the local hospital, which can be more than ten miles away for patients. Nottingham-based charity, the Al-Madad Trust has previously sent six vehicles to the region and the latest ambulance has reached end-of-life use for East Midlands Ambulance Service. The Al-Madad Trust was founded by Mohammed Zubair, of Forest Fields, in 2007 and is a UK registered Charity. Mr Zubair wrote to the East Midlands Ambulance Service in April asking if the organisation could offer any support for the charity. He said: “On behalf of Al-Madad Trust, I would like to thank EMAS for their generous donation of an ambulance. Their kindness and generosity in helping poor patients and needy in our community in Pakistan is sincerely appreciated. “We’re over the moon, very pleased. We took a convoy to Pakistan in April and after that I wrote to a number of organisations and the chief executive agreed to give us one. We’re going to try and do more together. It’s fantastic.” Mr Zubair added: “It will have a major impact for the community. In the areas where we have delegated this there isn’t an ambulance service for miles and people have to pay for private cars. “Those people have heard the news and can’t wait to get their hands on it.” The ambulance will have a phone number for local people to call and will be free to all. The maintenance and cost of a driver will be paid by the trust. “It’s a big commitment for the charity,” Mr Zubair said. “We have six ambulances running already since 2007 – it’s really valuable.” In the past the East Midlands Ambulance Service has donated retired vehicles to St John Ambulance in Malta and the Ambulance Heritage Society.

EMAS head of fleet services Steve Farnsworth said: “Having spent years driving around Derbyshire and Notts the ambulance will be well prepared to continue treating people in Pakistan. While we are no longer able to use it to provide NHS services, it is in workable condition and the donation will benefit the charity and the great work they do.”


Al-Madad Trust have started to raise funds for food parcels for orphans and widows. Food parcels will include 25kg bag of flour, cooking oil, rice, 4 types of lentils, salt and sugar, this will be distributed throughout Azad kashmir and Pakistan during the month of Ramadan. Each parcel is £40 do donate please contact Al-Madad Trust head office.


Al-Madad Trust convoy leaves on the 19th of April to Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Driving through 8 countries to 1 destination to be part of this journey or to register please contact Al-Madad Trust head office.



Al-Madad Trust organized a Charity Badminton tournament which took place at Djanogly Sports Hall on the 25th of November. On The day we managed to raise £2680 more to follow from sponsors and generous donations.


Al-Madad Trust organized a Charity Badminton tournament which took place at Chilwell Olympia on the 17th of July.


August the 14th 21 Volunteers of Al-Madad Trust took 10 ambulances to Pakistan by road to distribute relief i.e food, clothes, pots and sewing machines. It took 17 days to reach to Pakistan at the border of Toftaan. From then they went to Saakar and Dera ghazi and surrounding areas. Members of Al-Madad Trust have planned to do a sponsor trek to Ben Nevis on 23rd of April 2011 to raise money for Muzzafargarh people. Members of Al-Madad Trust visited flood affected areas (Charsadda,Nowshera, Jogian,Muzzafargarh) in Pakistan in September 2010. Relief to affected people was provided by means of (1) monthly supply of food ration; (2) blankets/duvets (3) tents (4) and also cash sum. We appreciate your generosity and would ask you to continue supporting the trust for relief provision to these people. The trust now hopes to raise £25,000 for the people of Muzzafargarh (Rohaila Wali) to rebuild 30 to 35 houses. Cost of each house is around 80,000 to 100,000 rupees. The house will be a four wall box room (18’11″ x 13’11″) and will cater for approximately 6-8 people. The trust plans to commence this project as soon as possible Inshallah. We request your support by donating your Sadaqah, Zakat, Lillah and general donations to make this happen.


Al-Madad Trust visits Peshawar, Mardan, Nosheira, Jogian, Majuki, Tarnub and Muzzafargarh areas to help the victims of floods in Pakistan. For videos and photos please click Pakistan floods on homepage.

Charity Car Wash

The Al-MAdad Trust is doing a charity car wash this Thursday 19th August 2010 at Carlton Hill, Nottingham from 9am to 6pm.

Pakistan Flood Appealh

We have started to raise funds for the victims of flooding in Pakistan. We here in the UK are very fortunate to have shelter and a variety of meals at Sehri and Iftari.

Mount Snowdon Walk

Mount Snowdon Walk on 31st July 2010. To raise funds for 19 peoples catatract operations and furniture for school i,e chairs desks and literature.


Eye Clinic

An eye camp was set up at the local Baleri School.A specialist surgeon from Mirpur’s Government Hospital was invited for the day and paid a fixed fee to attend the mobile eye clinic, he was accompanied by an assistant; examinations took place throughout the day. The medical staff successfully examined over 150 patients on the day.

Water Supply

Thousands of people in AK do not have access to clean drinking water, Al-Madad trust is a non-profit, non government organization trying to help a small percentage of these people around badral, Baleri, and surrounding areas located in Kotli district.


The construction of the 2 new classrooms for the local school.

Charity Snooker Tournament

24 January 2009. Al-Madad raises money at its charity snooker tournament. Read the full article in the Nottingham Evening Post.


  • Fundraising campaign (snooker tournmant)
  • The Ambulance Operational


  • Fundraising campaign i.e snooker tournmant/ collection at mosques/ friends/ relatives
  • Toyota Hiace shipped over to Pakistan
  • The Al-Madad Trust registered as charity


  • Idea of charity
  • Purchased Toyota Hiace
  • Set up of charity
  • Survey of Azad Kashmir Trustees