Ambulance Service

A free ambulance service for the needy

On the 29th of September 2009 – Launch of specialised eye clinic camp for medical treatment

An eye camp was set up at the local Baleri School; the local villagers were informed about the camp through mosques-audio loudspeakers, publicity of banners displayed at the school and local shops and bazaars, as well as recommendations from community representatives.

A specialist surgeon from Mirpur’s Government Hospital was invited for the day and paid a fixed fee to attend the mobile eye clinic, he was accompanied by an assistant; examinations took place throughout the day.

The medical staff successfully examined over 150 patients on the day. Refreshments and drinks where provided for all. A summary of examinations that took place on the day identified 45 patients requiring glasses for poor vision, 10% had eye infections which were treated with antibiotics, and chloramphenicol drops. 19 patients had cataract therefore surgery was required, costing around 12-15000 Rs/per person. This will inshallah be carried out in March/April 2010. The majority of examinations took place were elderly patients and 30% were female patients.

A short video of the Ambulances in Kashmir.


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