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Al-Madad Trust has been very active in the Northern Kashmir area and has provided the local residents with the first and only fully equipped ambulance as the people from that area did not have any means of transport to travel to the nearest hospital which is a number of miles away. Photographs of the ambulance can be seen in the gallery.

The trust has done this with the co-operation of the local community and donations given by family and friends. However, we are now wishing to expand and provide more services to the surrounding derelict villages of the area including better education facilities and modernisation of schools, providing wells (as in some areas the residents have to travel a number of miles to get fresh water), helping to repair and build houses damaged by the 2005 earthquake.

How the Charity was Formed

The Al-Madad Trust was founded by Hafiz Mohammed Zubair, of Forest Fields, Nottingham in 2007 and is a UK registered Charity

In 2005, Hafiz Mohammed Zubair’s mother was taken ill in Pakistan, and he was horrified to learn the nearest hospital was 10 miles away – worse still, there were no transport/ambulance facilities nearby – was it not for the grace of Allah (SWT), she might not have survived. After her recovery, he vowed to put in place decent healthcare facilities for the villages of Badral, Baleri, Kahi, Nalay and the surrounding villages in Northern Kashmir to benefit. Thanks to numerous private donations and fundraising events supported by Al-Madad Trust, they were able to fund for a fully equipped ambulance to be sited in this location to advantage around 3000 people.

When the tragedy of the Pakistan and Kashmir earthquakes struck last year, Hafiz Mohammed Zubair, along with so many others, was deeply affected by the disaster, especially with having family in the region; but what distressed Him most of all was, despite everyone’s best efforts, the time it took to help people in need – in some cases people were not seen to for several days.

Killing in excess of 75,000 people, the devastating after effects of the South Asia Earthquake sent reverberations around the world – and this prompted Hafiz Mohammed Zubair and fellow Muslims from Nottingham to co-ordinate their efforts and make this an ongoing fight against struggle, poverty and famine.

With the help of Allah, Al-Madad Trust strives to provide a glimmer of hope and relief to impoverished people around derelict villages. The sanctity of human life is precious, and Al-Madad operate on the principle that everyone is entitled to an opportunity to end their suffering, a chance to live a dignified and peaceful life, and endeavour to act in this spirit at all times. Be it financial support, offering medical assistance, as well as a number of educational, cultural and environmental projects, Al-Madad is dedicated to alleviating the suffering of the worlds poorest people. With your support, they can continue to do so.