Future Projects

Carrying on this worthy cause

The provision of just one ambulance is not enough and the intention is that more health care facilities will be provided In-sha-Allah. There are plans to get qualified doctors from Mirpur City and hold eye clinics and provide the residents with free eye checks and prescription glasses.

There is no Jinazgah (Funeral praying area) in the village and that is another project the trust is aiming to start very soon as we believe that dignity should be afforded not only to the living but also to those who have departed from this world.


Proposal for a Well in Chamkar Khawas

Proposal for the drilling of a well in Chamkar Khawas village in Azad Kashmir

The village has about 35 houses and are in need of clean drinking water from a source close to them. Currently the villager’s men, women and children when in need of water have to use a very busy road to fetch the water, which takes them at least 10 minutes to and from.

Proposal for Road Constructions

The two villages have at least 25-30 houses between them and are in need of a usable road, the existing road suffered damage when the earthquake hit Pakistan, and due to the fact that, the road is situated in a very hilly and mountainous area. This means local transportation such as tractors can no longer use the road. read the full proposal.

Proposal for School & Education

We believe that education is the only effective route out of poverty in the long run and therefore are committed to fulfilling the education needs of the communities throughout Azad Kashmir. Alhamdulillah our school in Baleri has been expanded both with 2 additional rooms but also with much needed equipment and furniture.

  1. Purchasing textbooks and learning materials, including textbooks, workbooks, teacher’s handbook guides handouts, worksheets, and blackboards.
  2. Furniture: chairs, tables, desks.
  3. Levelling of play ground
  4. Building a wall around to encompass all the school land

A short video of the Ambulances in Kashmir.


View details on the various projects we have undertaken over the past years.