A free ambulance service for the needy

Completion of 2 new class rooms for the local Baleri School

“Education is the door to freedom, democracy, and development”

Nelson Mandela

Primary school enrollment in Charoi and surrounding areas is very low. Limited funds from government and a lack of adequate teachers, classrooms and learning materials adversely affect the education environment in these poor areas.

Education is important element in the wellbeing of all communities and should be available to everyone. People with education, advance and prosper in life, while others are left behind because they are illiterate and have no access to education. In essence, education is the process by which society transmits its knowledge, skills and values from one generation to another.

Unfortunately due to the lack of financial support and waiting for government grants, this project was delayed. Until now, the subject was either absent or neglected with little attention paid for improvement. Al Madad Trust successfully has completed this project and has fully supported the development including recruitment of teaching staff with professionalism including Islamic studies and setting the standard in Education.

Initially there was only 1 classroom, 3 teaching staff and in total 90 pupils age ranging between 5 -12 years. The construction of the 2 new classrooms for the local school have encouraged hope for the community, the development has supported the pupils to fulfill their passion to gain an education in a better learning environment.

A short video of the Ambulances in Kashmir.


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