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A free ambulance service for the needy

The launch of a free ambulance service took place on the 9th October 2009, the ambulance was been shipped to Kashmir from the UK, by Al Madad Trust.

The official opening ceremony evolved with speakers and Chief Guest Deputy Commissioner of Police Kotli, Raja Arshad Khan.

Trust founder Hafiz Mohammed Zubair transformed a van into an ambulance and sent it to Pakistan has also raised £1,320 to build a garage for it. UK Sponsors support include Pak Foods, Adam and Sons Property Management, Unique Insurance, Tastees Superstore, Khyber Pass, D2 Fast Food, Turkish Delight restaurant, Auto Assist UK, Accident Assist Nottingham and BBQ Express.

Guests were invited from and around neighbouring villages, and speakers within the local community. An Islamic scholar also attended, the function lasted for most of the day, food and refreshments’ were provided for all.


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